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In Memory Of

Norman L. Herbel

December 7, 1936 – August 10, 2008


Norman Herbel devoted most of his life to the sport of dogs.  He and his wife Carolyn obtained their first registered dog in 1957, a German Shepherd named “Tabu”.  They successfully began breeding and exhibiting German Shepherds and Cairn Terriers under the Tabu prefix and in the mid 1960s developed an interest in Lhasa Apsos.  The acquisition of a young male who later became BIS Ch. Tibet of Cornwallis ROM****, marked the beginning of a journey that lasted for the next 45 years.

Norman was a Master Breeder of dogs who enjoyed studying pedigrees and structure, using that knowledge to produce animals of good quality that would also produce well.  Tabu Lhasa Apsos soon became an ROM kennel that over the years has produced or owned over 120 champions, including one of the top producing sires in the history of the breed, one of the top producing bitches, a record holding BIS bitch and numerous other BIS, BISS and group winning Apsos.  In addition to the Lhasa Apsos, Cairn Terriers and German Shepherds, Norman and Carolyn have also been successful in other breeds such as Tibetan Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, Japanese Chins, and English Setters.


During the 52 years of marriage Norman and Carolyn were never without a German Shepherd. Norman and Carolyn spent their lifetime enjoying the German Shepherd Dogs. The list of German Shepherds that graced Norman’s life included many devoted, intelligent, beautiful animals that brought great pleasure but of those many,  “Charm”, was a special German Shepherd. BIS, BISS, A.O.E., Am Sel. Ex. Can Sel. Am/Can Ch. Kaleef’s Silver Charm of Tabu, HT, ROM, was the light of Norman’s life and he hers as she still looks in those many familiar places for her special person.


We are so very thankful that Norman was able to be present at the 2007 GSDCA National Specialty to enjoy watching “Charm” win her Veteran’s Class (Charm pictured above).  Our hearts overflow with gratitude to the many breeders who were a part of producing Charm and for making Norman’s dreams come true with his ownership of this beautiful German Shepherd Dog.  She was a fulfillment of his many years of love and devotion to this noble breed.


Norman was very instrumental in shaping the American Lhasa Apso Club as we know it today.  A past President of ALAC, he also served for countless years as the Chair of the Breed Standard Committee.  Norman proposed the original Futurity system for ALAC, as well as developing the ALAC Bulletin we all enjoy so much, serving as its editor for many years.  As an active and contributing member of ALAC for over 30 years, Norman’s accomplishments are too numerous to completely list, but suffice to say that his influence on ALAC and the breed of Lhasa Apso has been tremendous and we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.


Norman was an active AKC approved judge and judged dog events both nationally and internationally.  Norman judged primarily Herding, Working, and Non Sporting breeds with a few Terriers and Sporting breeds added for conformation as well as all Tests and Trials for AKC Herding events.  With his beloved wife Carolyn of 52 years, they authored two books: The Complete Lhasa Apso, 1979 and The New Complete Lhasa Apso, 1992.  Norman also successfully bred registered Hereford cattle under the XP brand and was involved in helping put together a Quarter Horse mare band.

From 1957 until August 10th 2008 God permitted Norman to guide the Tabu kennel name and XP brand through very strict and objective selection, and as a result, he was blessed with many wonderful animals. In a small way we feel the joy of knowing how God felt with His creation of all things when He declared “it is good”. We at Tabu and XP know without a doubt that our faith in Jesus Christ will allow us to be with Norman and his wonderful animals again, and this time for eternity, praising Jesus Christ the Lamb of Judah as Revelation 5:13 promises. 

Norman L. Herbel


Ch. Kaleef's Silver Charm

of Tabu HT

Charm was featured in the GSDCA 2007

Parade of Greats.


Charm won the 7-9 year old Veteran Bitch Class

under Robert Kish at the GSDCA National.

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