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Ch. Eulenberg's Practical Magic

Max and Carmen at home with their Cavalier puppies.

See the AKC web site on Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for specific information about the breed.



Ch. Maramond’s Bacall “Lauren”

Lauren and Max at home.

Ch. Maramond's Inspiration “Spirit”

Ch. Maramond’s Copper Coin “CC”

Tabu XP Surprise Package “Packy” now with Pat and Richard McComb in Lancaster, Texas. 

Tabu XP Surprise Us “Russ”

Both dogs to be expertly shown by Susan Taylor.

Sire:Tabu XP Beaumaris of Maramond  Dam: Kaleef's Kelly Noel.

Tabu XP Lord Fleetwood “Woody”, owned and loved by Gary and Fran Bryant.

Tabu XP Abigail Maramond

Tabu XP Chase the Waves owned and loved by Frank, Tammy, Daniel, & Stephen Brinker from Ohio.

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See our CKCS web site: www.tabuxpcavaliers.com

See our CKCS web site:


After over 40 years of a rich and successful history showing and breeding dogs, Max and Carmen have fallen in love with the incredible Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They are now devoting their lifetime of experience and knowledge to the  love, care, showing, and  breeding of Cavaliers.

Charter members of the

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Oklahoma

Tabu XP Farms

Cavalier King

      Charles Spaniels

The Cavaliers of Tabu XP.  Aren't they cute?

Tabu XP Party Girl

Sire: Renee Brun's Timsar's Chase the Sunset

Dam: Tabu XP Party Girl


Ch. Kaleef's Kelly Noel

In Loving Memory

Ch. Maramond’s Bacall “Lauren” left us peacefully on July 27, 2008.  “We want to thank God and Martha Guimond for letting us have her. She has been my constant companion and the light of my life. So beautiful, so loving, and so smart. I will miss her terribly”, says Carmen Herbal Spears.  Lauren’s life was of prominent significance  to the Tabu XP Cavalier program.

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