“One of the most touching things that I have ever experienced was to be reunited with the XP brand in 1975.  XP will remain the brand of my family from now to eternity.”  Norman Herbel


(For more information about the XP brand, see page 3, History of the XP Brand in the left margin.)

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L1 Domino 760

Florida L1

L1 Domino 735

L1 Domino 745

L1 Domino 3197

L1 Domino 760

L1 Domino 74789

Miles City L1 Dominette 158

WCF L1 Dominette

WCF Domino 073A

Miles City L1 Dominette 0277

Herbel Herefords

XP Champion Herefords


The story of our breeding program for what we call "Straight  Line-One" cattle (hereafter known as L1) began with a search for the ideal grazing animal of the high plains short grass region of the United States; where we lived.  The search ultimately lead (by divine guidance) to Miles City, Montana at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Research Service (ARS) as it is known today.  In the early 1800's, 55,000 acres were set aside as Fort Keogh, an Army Outpost, later a remount facility for breeding Cavalry horses and finally as an agriculture research service to assist the agricultural industry in producing our food supply.

In the early 1930's horned Hereford cattle were purchased for experimental purposes through the use of recorded performance.  In order to facilitate a more ideal ecological sub-species the line ( L1 ) was closed to outside genetics and remains that way today.  For me, it was an exciting adventure and a very gratifying time in my life.  The XP version of the Closed L1 cattle are still produced by Norman’s brother, Clayton Herbel, and his son, Jon on the original Herbel Hereford land. 

Norman Herbel


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