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Cayrse Tabu XP Party Time is a new Champion!

See our CKCS web site: www.tabuxpcavaliers.com

See our CKCS web site:


Top Producing Sire in History Lhasa Apsos

    Top Producing Dam in History Lhasa Apsos

    Top Winning Bitch in History Lhasa Apsos

    Number One Junior Showman All Systems 1972

    Junior Sportsman of the Year 1972

    Top winning Border Collie in Herding Performance Multiple Years

    First German Shepherd to earn breed championship and HX Herding Title

    Youngest German Shepherd to win a Herding Title

    World Champion Lhasa Apso 2003

National Specialty Award Winners in the following breeds for both conformation and performance:

    Border Collies

    German Shepherds

    Smooth Fox Terriers

    Lhasa Apsos

    Australian Cattle Dogs

    Westminster Best of Breed in 1990 and 1991 Japanese Chin


Westminster Award Winners in:

    Australian Cattle Dogs

    Chow Chow


    Japanese Chin

    Lhasa Apso


Please view the following pages to learn more about our history, our future, and our philosophy.

The cross at Groom, Texas is a special place to our family. We display this monument as a statement of our faith.

Our family has been deeply involved in the sport of dogs for over 40 years and comprise three generations of dog people who faithfully recognize the spirituality of our animals.

Always directed by our Lord Jesus Christ, please enjoy learning more about us and our wonderful dogs.

To contact us:

Email: tabuxpfarms@hotmail.com


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Warren Sizemore, 4th generation Tabu XP, with Tabu XP's Lord Frederick Standen, “Freddy”.

Through God's grace, Tabu and XP Farms have been the stewards of many successfully competitive animals. Tabu and XP are pleased that dogs owned and/or bred by us have earned the following honors in addition to over 150 championship titles:

The cross at

Groom, Texas on I-40.

                                              Tabu at XP Farms - breeders of champion dogs since 1957

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